Jul 4, 2007

kooki sushi

This is my first post, and I kept thinking what would be worthy of a first post. I decided on something from Kooki Sushi. A friend of mine works at a cute little shop called Kooki Sushi in San Jose, and she gave me this cute box of sushi. You probably can't tell by the pictures because it's made so well, but it's CHOCOLATE!!! I don't know how they do it, but everything is so beautiful. I think my favorite thing in the whole box is the little soy sauce container! It's chocolate too!! Incredible huh?! The great thing is, it not only looks good, it tastes good!!

A crisp rice cookie under rows of apricot flavored "gummi eggs" then wrapped in dark chocolate

A creamy white "shrimp" with a smooth white almond filling atop a dab of green tea "wasabi

A white, coconut flavored "octopus" slice filled with chewy coconut over a light touch of green tea "wasabi" on a crisp rice cookie

A lemon flavored "egg omelet" with a luscious lemon meringue filling draped over a crisp rice cookie and tied with dark chocolate "nori"

Shoga (ginger rose): Delicate pastel strips of ginger flavored white chocolate
Green Tea "Wasabi": A light green confection subtly flavored with Japanese Green tea
Peach blossom: A peach flavored white flower atop a mini crisp rice cookie
"shoyu" fish: An extra squeeze of dark chocolate flavored syrup in a fanciful plastic shape


Anonymous said...

i can attest to the yumminess of kooki sushis. the only problem is that you don't want to eat it because it looks so pretty. my favorite is the white chocolate. mmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

hi! im interested in buying this.. could you send me the address on where I could buy this?
or how i could buy this. im from the philippines

kk said...

According to their website, Kooki sushi closed their business in 02/2009. I found a similar site..
maybe you can try them. Good luck!


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