Mar 8, 2009

Brand new Daring Baker Website!!

I have been a proud member of Daring Bakers since 12/2007. It's been so much fun baking with my fellow members every month, and I'm so excited to share with you our new website. The wonderful people at Daring Kitchen have created a brand spanking new website and new logos!! There are now two groups, Daring Bakers and Daring Cooks. The new website is absolutely FABULOUS! Go on over to check it out.

Let me introduce to you the new superheros from the Daring Kitchen. From left to right, we have El Spatula, Lady Whisk, Chopping Ninja, Miss Measure, Mighty Flame, and Vanilla Fairy. What I'm most excited about is the Daring Shop!! I can't wait to purchase some Daring Kitchen merchandise!!!



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