Nov 12, 2009

Late night snack from Japanese 7-11

Hey everyone, I'm away from the warmth of the islands again. This time I'm in Japan. I will be here until late December so most likely no Daring Baker challenges from me in November and December.

I've been in Japan for about a week now, and last night I wanted a little snack. It was so cold last night so I decided to go to a nearby 7-11. I went in to get my favorite 7-11 ice cream cone (no picture, it was gone too quickly), but I came out with something extra. I found ritz crackers with brie!!!

These crackers are so much better than the American "cheddar" crackers. It doesn't really taste like brie, but it has a peppery taste that's really nice. I can't wait to discover more yummy Japanese food.


charles said...

Hey! This is Charles in San Francisco.... hope you're having a good time over in Japan! I'm not sure if she told you, but Lisa tried your pomegranate cheesecake recipe (from this blog) and it was awesome! The pomegranate gave it a really distinct flavor.

Anyhow, I hope you're enjoying the food over there!

kk said...

Thanks Charles! I'm so glad the cheesecake turned out well!

Anonymous said...

jus came across your blog and...

the reason those crackers don't taste much like brie... I never had them but the packet says that it's "Camembert and pepper" ~
slight difference ;)


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