Jul 23, 2011


photo courtesy of Photos From Mo

Hey everyone..just wanted to let you know that My Food Affair will be on vacation for the next two months. I am now in Okinawa, Japan for work and don't have access to a kitchen or an oven. =( If any of you have suggestions for places to eat, please send it along.

The picture above is of Hello Kitty Shisaa. Shisaa are all around Okinawa, you see them everywhere in all different shapes and sizes. The Okinawans believe that Shisaa protects you from evil. These Hello Kitty ones are sooo cute!


Amanda said...

Hey! I have visited your site before...I have a food blog also, foodaffair.org, and I just saw your post about Okinawa. Very cool! I grew up there...please send more photos! What do you do for work to take you to Okinawa? Very cool.


kk said...

HI Amanda!! Thanks for stopping by, any suggestions on where to go while I'm here?

Eating Okinawa said...

kk - Sorry to barge in, but I can definitely suggest some restaurants if that is the kind of direction you are looking for. I hope you find the time to blog about your eating experiences while are you here in Okinawa.

kk said...

I just checked out your blog, I can't wait to try some of the restaurants you listed! =) The posts in Hong Kong are making be drool.


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