Jul 23, 2012

cake decoration

I love making cakes because I love eating cakes, but I absolutely hate decorating cakes. I can never manipulate the frosting quite well enough to create the picture that's in my head. I really should take a cake decorating class. I guess I'm not really one to care about what a cake looks like. It matters a lot more what a cake tastes like. But since most of my cakes are gifts for my friends and family, cake decoration is really something that I need to learn.

This past weekend, I threw a baby shower for my friend and two hours before the party, I was frantically searching on Pinterest for ideas on how to decorate the cake. I had originally wanted to create this rosette filled cake that I saw from I am Baker.

photo from I am Baker

Then when I actually tried to pipe those rosettes, they were all different sizes and different shapes. It was completely hideous!! I scraped it all off and tried again. This time I was inspired by this picture from Design Sponge.

photo from Design Sponge

When I actually tried it, it came out pretty decent. I think I still need to work on making the loops and top prettier. It was a lot easier to do, just drawing loops with a star tip.

Now I thought the top looked so naked. So I decided on making a bunting for the top. I just love the look that it creates. That was really quite simple, you just cut little triangles and string them along. I used lollipop sticks for the ends and voila. There are no new recipes for this cake, but I just wanted to share my cake decorating dilemmas. I would love new ideas and tips on how to get the frosting to look like the ones in the stores!! Especially a whipped cream frosting. Well, practice makes perfect, I just need to keep baking!!


dollee said...

What are you talking about, lady? Your cake decorating skills rock.


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